Our extensive model program is constantly developing in close contact with our customers around the globe. Global Lift Group places great emphasis on the fact that our lifts are part of a solution that works well for our customers.
When our lift has become a good and stable asset to our customer, we consider the sale completed – not a minute before.

Our lifts comply with all global standards and legal requirements in the markets where we are represented.GLG is developing continuously in close cooperation with our customers. Our lifts are used in many production industries, by glaziers, contractors, rental companies and on building sites in the private and public sectors.



A new company is formed

2016 was the year three men nodded to each other and created the new Global Lift Group: Søren Olesen from the Danish Workplatform company Danilift, David Smith from the Canadian trading company GLG and Kurt Nielsen, who was developer and sales manager in the glass lift company HH Intellitech.The three men joined in the ambition to develop the most versatile and reliable series of small mobile lifts they could imagine. With their overall experience in developing, producing and selling some of the market's most reputable glass lifts, the common ground from the day one was to aim high


Taking on the world

Today, the series of glass lifts consist of 9 models on the market, while completing quality improvements to our new range of Mountit plaster lifts. GLG completed an acquisition for this company during this past year.


Our mission is to provide our customers with good and lasting solutions. It requires being responsive and in close dialogue.

Global Lift Group delivers new solutions, which has improved the health and well being for many employees in the glazing industry and on construction sites. With Global Lift Group's products it is possible to increase the efficiency of the assembly work while protecting both the crew and the environment. It can only be achieved with a product line that is innovative, reliable and of high quality.

In order for GLG products to be most effective in the field, it is important that we utilize real life scenarios using valuable input from our customers and  collaborators. We meet people eye to eye – with a glint. Customers must experience our  profound interest in a successful cooperation. We will guide and instruct to ensure customers make the most of our products.

GLG is a dynamic organization, seeking and embracing the in-depth knowledge of our customers' needs for continuous improvements in our product portfolio. We must further develop solutions for our customers in order to increase customer satisfaction, while manifesting our position as market leader in our field.
We commit ourselves to constantly keeping our common goals and values in mind throughout our organization. The values should not only be present at high table celebrations – our values are the common ground where we stand and what makes us get up and go to work every morning

See the film: Why we get up in the morning and go to work
Global Lift Group - our values
Duration: 6,5 min.



Already 20 years ago, Kurt Nielsen saw a necessity to help the glaziers around the building sites. The window sections were getting bigger and heavier, and the mounting was often slow and physically difficult for the people who grappled around the big windows by hand.Kurt Nielsen investigated the market, but did not find a lift that met the requirements of a glazier's main tool.


The first lines were drawn

Therefore, Kurt drew the first lines of a whole new type of glass lift, which in various versions has been used by thousands around the world ever since.At the same time, David Smith in Canada was busy developing his business GLG, which sold assembly robots and mounting lifts around the globe, focusing on niche lifting gear for different applications and industries.


Perfect match

David and Kurt meet each other. It was instant karma when David started selling the glass lifts that Kurt had developed, into the North American market. In 2011, Kurt was Sales Director of the Danish company HH Intellitech, who got their lifts produced at a factory in Farsø, Denmark.
Since Kurt Nielsen's basic philosophy is to improve the lifts constantly, he was in close contact with production professionals and the director at Farsø, Søren Olesen. Together they developed high quality lifts, which sold well to local markets and a handful of countries around Denmark as well.



In the beginning of 2016, HH Intellitech was put on sale. The three men saw an unprecedented potential in the popular lift series and bought the company in order to improve and expand the product line and the organization.
Using David's company name, GLG, the Global Lift Group was founded. Søren Olesen and David Smith became major shareholders and directors, and Kurt Nielsen co-owner and sales director.
The goal in 2016 was to establish an open, strong and dynamic organization, firmly rooted in both the European and American continent.The new Global Lift Group is a reality. Our focus is to be a company where quality and customer satisfaction are rooted in every step we take.
Good and close relationships with our partners ensure that we are always dynamic in our approach to the world, and always pay attention to create added value for the society we are part of. The development work to create a new series of glass lifts begins. All existing lifts are redesigned and new models are added to the product offering. We introduce glass lifts with the intention of creating a more versatile multi lift, which in addition to windows now can handle steel panels, wood, granite, marble, plasterboard and plastic materials. The lifts can solve small crane tasks, lift pallets and handle heavy iron-beams with a newly developed hydraulic grabber.


New headquarter

GLG established a new production and administration facility at an independent location in Farsø, North Jutland, and now have 5,000 m2 in one unit.
GLG purchased Mountit's gypsum handling system, redesigned and engineered the product line and are now ready to launch the new production.



GLG has established a new sales organization around the world. We are now represented in Canada, USA, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Germany, France, England, Italy, Czech Republic, United Arab Emirates, Australia and New Zealand with several other countries on their way.
GLG have opened a new demonstration and training center in Fredericia DK, and our glass lifts are widely used by vocational schools in Denmark to teach young people in the field of construction and for skills upgrading of adults.



Peter Christensen

Our two sales managers have a vast knowledge of the needs on the construction sites and a great knowhow of our entire product range. They visit new construction sites every week throughout the world and therefore have a deep understanding of customer needs within the industry.

The most important thing for us is to think of our products as part of the whole task our customers face, so the lifts make good use all the way through. Therefore, our slogan is that we "lift it up where it belongs".

"GLG continues to grow every day thanks to the confidence our clients have in us. We constantly develop our lifts, in order to meet our customers' demands"

David Smith