North & South America and Canada:
GLG Canada Ltd (North America)
Delaware, ON, Canada N0L1E0
Phone: 1-855-779-3371

North & South America:
Director for the Americas David Smith

Office hours:
Monday - Friday 8:00-16:00
(Toronto time, GMT -5)
Phone: 1-519-660-6350

European Head Office Global Lift Group
Soendergaarden 28,
9640 Farsoe, Denmark
Phone: +45 75727215

Sales Europe, Middle East, Asia and Australia:
Peter Christensen

Office hours:
Monday - Thursday 7:00-15:30, Friday 7:00-13:30
(Copenhagen time, GMT +1)
Phone: +45 75727215

JOB DESCRIPTION There are no vacant jobs at the moment