Plasterboard mounting made easy

The cost-effective equipment from Mountit enables plasterboard installationand panel fitting by only one person.
Both trolleys are electically powered and able to transport up to 1300 kg of plasterboards - equivalent to 40 plasterboards (1200x3000x12.5 mm).
The Multi trolley is able to lift a stack of plasterboards horizontally from trestles - with a stackheight of 320 mm equivalent to 24 boards(12.5 mm).
The ´tilt function´on the Multi Trolley allows the trolley to pass through door openings with 24 boards.

All work is done easy, fast and without any heaving lifting - that´s why we say: we do the hard work!

Watch the Mountit equipment in action in this video
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… now by only one person and directly from the scaffolding!

The EasyMounter from Mountit is an electrically operated unit for handling of facade panels, doors, and windows directly from the scaffolding.

The EasyMounter can pick, lift, and hold the windows while the fitter is fitting them into place.

Just imagine what it could be like if only one fitter could install thewindows – with no harm done to anyone’s back or wallet!


… one person can now efficiently install plasterboards.

Mountits MiniMounter is an electrically operated panel lifter.

The MiniMounter can grip the panel on the floor from a pallet or from Mountit’s other plasterboard products and lift it to a ceiling that is 360 cm high – that’s almost 12 feet up – without any need for the fitter to even touch the panel with his hands.

What’s more, sloping walls are no obstacle! The work can be done with no harm to anyone’s back or wallet..

Transit Trolley - Multi Trolley